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Oct 11, 2023

The Orange County Bail Schedule determines bail based on the crimes for which an inmate has been arrested. Bail is the amount of money paid by an inmate or someone acting on behalf of the inmate to ensure that he/she will appear in court after being released from prison.

The bail money will be returned to the defendant after the case if he/she attends all court dates. If the defendant fails to appear at all court dates, this money is forfeited by the court. You can bail out someone from the Orange County Central Jail Complex 24 hours per day, 7 days per week at the Intake Release Center. This process may take between six (6) and eight (8) hours due to the large size of the Orange County Central Jail Complex.

When they arrive, inmates are entitled to one free call out of the jail in orange county. Inmates can only make outgoing calls with calling cards or collect phone calls after that. You can send money to an inmate to purchase a calling card. Please refer to Section 6 for the details. How to “Put Money on the Books” at the Orange County Central Jail, so that the inmate can buy one from the Jail’s Commissary.

You may wish to check with your local phone company to ensure your plan does not block collect calls or calling cards. Inmates cannot receive incoming phone calls. However, you can choose to visit an inmate personally or send a letter. The following sections discuss both options.

The CJX offers a convenient way for family members and friends to deposit money in an inmate’s bank account. The CJX will deposit any cash the inmate has at the time they are booked into the account,unless it was confiscated as evidence by the arresting agency. The account allows the inmates to buy items available at the commissary such as food and drinks, games and cosmetics, while they are still incarcerated.

You can “put money in the books” by using cash, government checks or money orders. Other forms of payment are not accepted. A maximum of $500 can be held in the account of each inmate at any given time matter if you deposit money in person or by mail, the funds will be available to the inmate immediately.

You can also choose to send money via mail. You can send money orders that meet the above specifications or a government check if you decide to deposit money by mail. Be sure to follow the rules and regulations peaboutail, as described in Section 5 above. Rules and Regulations for Mail Correspondence

All property that an inmate has at the time they are arrested is stored and collected when they arrive at Orange County Central Jail Complex. This property is usually stored until the inmate’s release. Inmates may also designate someone to pick up their property on their behalf.

You can fill out the property release form during a visit if you know an inmate wants you to retrieve his/her belongings. The inmate will sign the form and you can then retrieve the property. It is not necessary to make this arrangement in advance.

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